Two months of vacation each summer is the reality of all parents whose children are of school age. Organizing these long breaks can quickly become a headache if you are not well organized. So take the time to prepare yourself by planning your needs, establishing your possible solutions for babysitting and making the necessary reservations in advance. In addition to avoiding stress, you can enjoy the summer season with your entire family.

Plan your needs

It is crucial to plan the dates in which you will have needs. Firstly, consult your child’s school calendar to know the date in which they end school, as well as the date the new school year begins. Also ask for a copy of your work vacation schedule that is prepared by your employer. Lastly, between parents, agree on dates in which you will be taking off from work.

Establish possible babysitting solutions

Once the dates have been set, explore all possible babysitting solutions:

·       School daycare. School daycares may be open in the days following the end of the school year, as well as those preceding the beginning of the new year. As the fees for this service are often annual, this option offers you a cost-effective alternative, in addition to allowing your child to enjoy a familiar environment.

·       Parental alternation. Each parent, in the case where a common vacation is impossible, takes care of the child while the other works, and vice versa.

·       Family or friends. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, trusted friends or neighbors are great options if they are ready to take care of your kids for several days. It is also an opportunity for them to spend quality and privileged moments with your child.

·       Day camp and summer camp. Often offered by your municipality or by private organizations, camps offer a diversified program allowing children to practice their favorite activities in addition to discovering new ones. It is also a great opportunity for them to make new friends and to develop their autonomy.

Proceed with the necessary reservations

It is now time to take out your calendar and to make note, each week, the way in which your child will be taken care of and the weeks in which you will be taking time off as a family. If you wish to sign your child up in a day camp, remind yourselves that you are not the only ones! Reserve your spot as soon as possible to ensure that your dates and program choices are still available as well as to ensure that you are benefiting from the best price possible. Moreover, Edphy offers you a very interesting pre-sale price until February 16th!

Would you like to have a simple but effective family calendar template? We thought of you! Download it now by clicking on the image to the right.