Since the creation of the camp by the futur mayor of the Olympic village for the Montreal games, being international is at the heart of Edphy and its development. With almost half of our campers – coming from other countries, we are convinced that interactions between young ones from different nations has a significant impact on the development and happiness of the youth. With an ultimate goal of making our Nature Center in the Laurentians one of the most important offline social platforms for children, the management team wishes to be even more present internationally, whether it is visiting similar companies in different countries or by participating in different events in order to recruit new participants.

However, there are a few obstacles related to this project such as the trips our staff members would have to do multiple times a year and welcoming children from all parts of the globe on our turf. That is why, always with the same goal in mind, which is to stand out and offer a remarkable service to our clientele, we have decided to invest in co-ownership of a private airplane. Available in 24 hours, wherever in the world, it will allow the team to save time, without the huge costs of being sole owner of this plane. With the Montreal-Mirabel airport being close by, this motivated the team to go forward with the investment, which also avoided the creation of a landing strip.

It is without a doubt that this precious jewel will simplify and embellish our lives, all while allowing us to remain masters of our agenda. You are from outside of Canada and this opportunity to visit us with your team or in a group interests you? Contact Guillaume Mallette now!

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