After a short – or long – discussion, you have decided that your child will go to camp this summer? Taking into consideration that there are multiple categories – and sub-categories – of campers, it may become difficult to make the right choice of camp and program. We have therefore built a quiz that you can do with your child for them to learn more about the type of camper they may be.

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You are …

♣   Active – You like to move and practice different physical activities.

♦   Intellectual and/or artistic – You are curious and you like to learn more about science, languages and/or art.

♥   Adventurous – You are passionate about nature and you like to discover everything that surrounds us outdoors.

When you participate in an activity you like to …

♥   Have fun and change environment. After all, summer is meant to get out of our comfort zone!

♠   Perfect and stand out in a particular activity, in which you participate in every day. Why would you not be the next Olympic athlete?

♦   You want to discover, observe, understand and put things into perspective as well as create. You are well aware that John Kellogg did not invent corn flakes by yelling “Scissors!”

You prefer …

♦    Being alone or in small groups.

♣    Spending time with friends in small or big groups.

♥    Finding yourself with new people and creating new friendships.

During your last stay in camp …

♦     You were excited to share everything with your parents as you walked in your house at night.

♣    You did not want to leave as long as the soccer game was not finished.

♥    You found yourself a new set of parents: the animators!

At school, at daycare or at camp, you like your day to begin with…

♣    A workout.

♦    A puzzle to solve.

♥    The arrival of a strange person singing songs in an unknown language.

Interpretation of the results

You obtained a majority of ♥

Have you ever thought of staying at a summer camp? Far from your parents and friends (even if some may come along, you will definitely not find your entire class there) you are ensured to live an extraordinary adventure outdoors! Canoeing, horseback riding, archery and obstacle courses: here is a preview of what awaits you! Ready?

You obtained a majority of ♣

You are a sports fanatic at heart and you do not intend to spend your summer relaxing in the sun! You are in search of a day camp whose schedule is filled with indoor and outdoor sports activities that will allow you to move and get rid of all that surplus of energy! Turns out well! Did you know that the name Edphy comes from the French term EDucation PHYsique? Visit our website to find out more about our Multisport program!

* You chose  ♠  as a response?

You could also sign up to one of our specialized camps for sport fanatics! Take a look here à

You obtained a majority of ♦

Arts, sciences and languages fascinate you! You know that if you learn something new every day, you’ll know 365 more things at the end of each year. This will make you a very knowledgeable person! You do not want to waste time this summer, so you want to attend a day camp that will keep you stimulated intellectually. Despite being a sports-concentrated camp, did you know that Edphy offers several specialized camps? Learn more about them hereà