In Dorval


Additional fees of $25

Every week, campers have the opportunity to attend one of our various shows. These representations of one hour will surely give them full life!

* Please consult the details of each show for the schedule, as they are presented alternately throughout the season.

* The show can be combined with any of our specialty camp packages. Please note that your child cannot attend his specialty camp on the day of the show.


Are you, like us, captivated by the kites that color our summer skies? Did you know that kites have a story and their shape and color have meaning? How about meeting a kite-flier who, in addition to allowing you to learn more about it, will bring his finest models? This is a great opportunity to spend a colorful moment in the magical world of kites!

And it does not stop there! Participants will then be able to make their own kite. Wooden sticks and bridle-wire will no longer have secrets for apprentice kite-fanatics who will have only one desire: to run outside and make them fly!

In collaboration with Coriolis Kite and its director Michel Gagnon, who has shared his passion for kites for more than 15 years and is the instigator of the event A sky, a world, this new activity is to be discovered!


You like to see magic on television? You are fascinated by the mesmerizing tricks showcased by illusionists? Imagine participating in a private show by a real magician! In a new totally interactive format, the kids will not only get to see a magic show up close, but they will be able to participate in the magician's tricks! A flurry of magical stunts will surely leave them breathless.

But it is not over! After the show, the kids will spend a few moments in secret with the magician to learn a magic trick that they can perform at home.  A little surprise will also be given to each child so that they can discover even more fascinating magic.

In collaboration with Magician Marc Trudel, Canadian Champion of Magic and the first recipient of the Grand Prix de Magie Michel Cailloux, this activity is not to be missed! Marc has become a master in the art of teaching magic.  His web series "Les coulisses de la magie", produced by Radio-Canada, has been viewed more than 6 million times. He is also the author of numerous works, such as the popular youth series "Albert le Curieux" winner of the 2016 Hackmatack Award.