On Saturday August 20th, the Coupe Amicale Montpetit took place as well as the Edphy International end-of-season Mystery Gala, reuniting all camps. This annual event was finally back, to the happiness of all!

The day began with the 12th edition of the Coupe Amicale Montpetit (CAM), an inter-site competition during which each team had to decide on its strategy and use its physical, intellectual and communication skills to conquer the entire summer camp site! At the end of this colorful – and emotional – conquest, it was the Val-Morin camp team that won. Alongside this victory, the Edphy International Beaubois day camp team (Pierrefonds) was awarded the prize for best sportsmanship.

All the counsellors, specialists  and members of management who worked on each of our sites this summer then dressed up to take part in a cocktail party on the belvedere. The evening continued inside, where a three-course gourmet dinner, prepared by none other than our chef Yannick Gouin, was served to them, interspersed with entertainment from the general management team.

First, Marilyse Richard-Robert, president, thanked the entire team for the passion, kindness and skills they have shown throughout the season; in a context of labor shortage, the thousands of children who attended one – or more than one – Edphy camp were incredibly lucky to be able to count on these young adults. She added that she was impressed by the dynamism and energy they showed in engaging and motivating children. She then invited them to participate in a special activity aimed at naming the participative counsellor of the season. Samuel Girard, lifeguard at the Edphy International Edouard-Montpetit day camp, was named the winner and won a first $250 scholarship.

A very touching video, in which our campers announced the nominees for the “Chapeau d’or” and “Recrue d’or” awards, given to employees who have particularly distinguished themselves throughout the season by their dynamism, their creativity and their team spirit among others, was then presented. Aurélie Ostiguy Drapeau (Edouard-Montpetit), Asmaa Al-Kurdi (Regina Assumpta), Maria and Giuseppina Chiara (Académie Ste-Thérèse), Zoé Labelle (Villa Maria), Anne Gibello (Beaubois) and Florane Lamontagne (Val-Morin) were rewarded for their great accomplishment at making the stay of their campers the most memorable possible. They were selected by their respective coordinators and, them too, took home a scholarship of $250 each.

Finally, the last prize of the evening, the coveted Edphy d’or, was awarded by Lara Pettinicchio, Director general, following the presentation of all summer snapshots, to an entity that knew how to stand out by quality of its services both in terms of customer satisfaction, parents and children, and in terms of its low incident rate and its general atmosphere, namely the Edphy International Edouard-Montpetit day camp in Longueuil.