The year is coming to an end and there is no better time to stop and to realize how fortunate we have been for over 50 years now to work with families and such loyal partners on a daily basis. We therefore would like to send you our warmest wishes and hope that your celebrations are amongst the happiest.

We would also like, in this final stretch of 2017, to accompany you towards the most fulfilling 2018, by suggesting our top 5 questions you must ask yourself when it comes time to summarizing your year. Are you ready?

1. What are your greatest achievements this year?

Take the time to think of one, or many, projects in which you played an important role and which allowed you to surpass your limits. This experience, which was most likely done outside of your comfort zone, has definitely allowed you to push yourself and most likely makes you very proud!

2. Have you taken care of yourself? Your health?

Because if you don’t, nobody will do it for you. This year, did you take the time to adopt healthy lifestyle habits: quit smoking, eat healthy foods, drink enough water, move regularly?

3. Have you met new people or rekindled with old friends?

It is never easy, with the lives we lead, to maintain or even expand our social circles. Did you take the time to spend quality moments with cherishes friends? Did you make time to meet new people?

4. Did you discover any new passions?

Did you discover any interest for new activities? Did you do something that you have always wished to do? It is passion that drives us, we therefore cannot neglect it.

5. Have you taken care of your surroundings?

Our surroundings do not only include our workplace and home, but also our neighbourhood, our city and our planet! What have you put in place to make sure your environment is so healthy and welcoming – that it makes you happy to live in it with your family?

There you go. You now have the fruit of your reflections and you are ready to start the year on a good foot! And what about your child? Do this exercise with him/her and guide them as they draw up their resolutions. Feel free to contact us if you wish to offer them the Edphy experience in 2018. We will certainly have them answering YES to many – if not all – of these questions next year. 🙂

* Please note that our offices will be closed from December 22nd to January 7th inclusive.