Following the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics due to the pandemic, the International Olympic Committee has announced that the world sporting event scheduled for 2020 will finally take place this summer! The Edphy camps, which have the mission of offering children the possibility of practicing popular or less common sports while respecting Olympic values among others, could not miss this opportunity to do inspire themselves when writing the 2021 theme. 🙂 It is therefore our pleasure to present you the outline of this interactive adventure filled with mystery, challenges and spectacular characters!

Against all odds, the Tokyo Olympics, postponed to 2021, will take place. It’s a unique chance for us to emerge victorious from all events, especially since our team includes the great Enriquez, a “super athlete” considered to be the best in the world in most disciplines.

As we resume training for the biggest sporting event in the world, our star athlete tells us that he is ending his career because he is tired of always carrying the weight of victory on his shoulders. How unfortunate!

Although this announcement will please the greatest athletes around the world – who will do anything to keep Enriquez away – we have to convince him to take part in the competition, which would allow us to become the first camp in history to dominate the Olympics!

For more details, see the Edphy Express which will be available in your Customer Area as of May. If you still haven’t booked your child’s stay, do not wait! In fact, pre-registration ends tomorrow, April 9th.