In Val-Morin (Laurentides)

Specialized options


Additional fees starting at $85 per week

In addition to experiencing a busy week with the program they are enrolled in, campers have the opportunity to develop new skills by participating in one of our various specialized options. One hour per day is devoted to these activities for a total of 4 hours per week.

* Please note that 5-day stays are offered between June 29th and August 21st, 2020 for all our specialized options. Places are limited, so you can also place your child on a waiting list if the specialty of your choice is no longer available by contacting us at As soon as a place is free, we will contact you and you will have 24 hours to confirm your decision.

Circus - Ages 7 to 16

This program promotes the initiation of circus musts such as walking on a tightrope, trapeze and juggling. A highly colorful representation will take place to the delight of the other campers!

Dance - Ages 7 to 16

This camp fosters the discovery of different styles such as jazz, funk, hip-hop, modern dance, etc. Dancers will participate in creating choreographies and they will present a short performance to other campers at one of our special events.

English courses - ages 7 to 16

This innovative and interactive program, designed in consultation with ESL experts from the Faculty of Education of McGill University in 2019  includes 8 hours of courses a week and allows children to expand and develop English as a second language skills. Participants are invited to benefit from various contexts (in and outside of the classroom) to explore different oral practices. The program also includes an initiation to grammar notions, reading and writing. This English program focuses primarily on oral practice and the incorporation of notions taught such as grammar, vocabulary and reading lessons. Students will participate in interactive games both in and outside of the classroom in order to perfect the English language.

A placement test is used to form small groups of similar levels (around 15 participants), which allows the teacher to adapt their course lessons based on different competencies.

Please note that this specialized option is offered for 10 day stays only, on the following dates:

  • June 29th to July 10th 2020;
  • July 13th to July 24th 2020;
  • July 27th to August 7th 2020;
  • August 10th to August 21st 2020.

Horseback riding - Ages 7 to 16

This program introduces participants to the equestrian world by enabling them to acquire basic knowledge (brushing, feeding, saddling) with the goal of developing autonomy as a rider. Horseback riding lessons, on western saddle, also allows participants to ride, accompanied by qualified specialists who use a personalized approach, in the safest environment.

Note. The time spent on a horse can vary depending on weather, all while respecting the health and safety of all horses.

Land art - ages 7 to 16

This program aims to initiate participants to the new trend of contemporary art used in harmony with nature. This creative concept, using the framework and materials found in nature (branches, rocks, foliage, etc.), not only increases their interest for nature and its preservation, but also stimulates their creativity. Practiced in places which will increase their sense of imagination (forest, island), participants will create individual and collective works with their bare hands, which they will then leave where it was made to admire and watch evolve each day.

Tennis - Ages 9 to 16

This introductory specialized camp is designed to develop motor skills, some technique and a sense of strategy in a supportive and fun environment. Enough to awake the sleeping Roger Federer in them!

Rock climbing - Ages 9 to 16

This option promotes learning and development of climbing skills. Captivating interior walls will certainly provide challenges for all participants!

Initation to survival course - ages 11 to 16

This program allows participants to learn the basics of survival in the forest and to learn about different practical techniques which will allow them to get by, use natural resources and cohabit with nature. Lighting a fire, building a shelter and orienting oneself will be amongst the different techniques explored, which will then be put into practice the Thursday evening, during a night in the forest near camp. So, who has the survival instinct?