A few hours away from the beginning of the holiday season, we would like to share with you the importance of traditions within families and what makes this time of year so magical. Now parents – for the most part, – it is important for us to perpetuate family traditions, adapting them to our family. This allows us to remember, to gather, and to create memories for life!

Here are a few things that marked our childhood, that we wish to bring to life for our children. And you, do you have any traditions with friends or family? Picking out a Christmas tree, visiting Santa Claus, stockings, movies, advent calendars… we want to know it all. 🙂

I remember my parents coming to wake us up, my brother and I, shortly after midnight, to tell us that Santa Claus had stopped by. We would throw ourselves towards the stairs while shoving each other to make sure we were the first ones by the tree. I also remember distinct mix of smells. The smell of the Christmas tree, gingerbread, home-cooked meals and my aunts’ and uncles’ perfume that would make everything so unique.

François, president

For me, the holidays have always been a synonym of large family gatherings. We spent our days outside, building forts, practicing sports – particularly skiing, my favourite – and we would end our days in front of a comforting meal. My mom would decorate the house and the cozy atmosphere was what made this time of year so special.

Marilyse, Executive director

When I was younger, as most children would do, I would leave homemade cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer (after all, they are the ones who travel the world to distribute gifts!) On the morning of the 25th, I would wake my parents up at 6 AM to head downstairs to see if Santa had stopped by. It was magical to see the food I had left completely devoured!

Lara, Assistant director

My greatest holiday memories stem from the festive atmosphere created by the impressive decorations which my parents would install. There was the tree, but also lights that would shine bright in our century-old home. In order to spread holiday cheer throughout our neighborhood, over a hundred meters of lights were strung around our home.

Guillaume, Development project manager

At our house, the holiday season was based on tradition: late nights with our family members, midnight mass, traditional food – including colored bread! – and end of nights snuggled in a pile of fur coats.

Yannick, executive chef

We hope that this special time of year allows you to slow down, take care, and look back on amazing memories (and create new ones!)

We are very excited to see you again in 2020 to begin a new tradition by welcoming your child for the first time, or to continue an exciting one from a previous year (or even previous generations if you yourself has had the chance to stay at Edphy). https://secure.edphy.com/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2f

Best wishes!