In Montreal (NDG)

Specialty camps

Additional fees of $65 per week

While enjoying a very active week in the Multisports program, campers are also offered the opportunity to develop other interests or discover new ones, by participating in one of our specialty camps. Two hours per day are devoted to these activities, for a total of 10 hours per week.

* Please note that 5-day stays are offered for all our specialty camps, between June 25th and August 17th, 2018.

For sports lovers

Lunchtime yoga - ages 4 to 6 New!

This activity, held every lunch hour for 25 minutes, allows children to relax and release muscle tension to start the afternoon on a good note.

Swimming lessons - ages 4 to 12

This aquatic program allows participants to have fun while climbing the Canadian Red Cross Society ladder.  Our specialized swimming instructors will provide each child with a progress card at the end of the course.

Karate - ages 7 to 15

This program filled with activities introduces young participants to the basics of karate as well as self-defense in a fun and structured environment.

CrossFit and healthy eating - ages 11 to 15 New!

This program, created by a Kinesiologist, is built to sensitize children about the benefits of moving on a daily basis. The program develops coordination, flexibility, and endurance. The sessions are completed with a small cooking workshop of healthy snacks. Two hours a day are dedicated to this activity.

Tennis - ages 9 to 15

The aim of this program is to develop motor skills, acquire a few techniques and a sense of strategy, all in a fun and cooperative environment.  A great way to awaken the Milos Raonic within!


For the artists

Artistic creations - ages 4 to 6

This program is dedicated to artistic individuals who wish to practice different forms of art such as fine arts and drama while even getting the chance to learn more about dance and music. Their artistic presentations will be shown to all parents on Friday.

Arts and crafts - ages 7 to 10

This program taps into the children’s creativity: drawing, engraving, printing, painting and more! An exhibition of the young artists’ works will be held for the parents on the Friday. Ready, set, create!

Performing arts - ages 7 to 12 New!

This specialty camp introduces young acrobats, actors, and dancers to different forms of preforming arts. The program prioritizes popular circus activities such as walking on a tightrope, trapeze and juggling, as well as different dance styles and drama games. Two hours a day are dedicated to this activity.


For science buffs

Sciences - ages 7 to 12

Exploring the world of science and technology, this program offers a host of interactive experiments and exciting demonstrations. The participants’ favourites will be presented to the parents on the Friday.

Creation of short films - ages 9 to 15

This camp allows for the creation and production of short films. The participants will have the support of a qualified specialist equipped with the best technology to develop scenarios and shoot scenes at the height of the children’s imagination!

Four sessions are offered on the following dates:

  • June 25th to July 6th, 2018,
  • July 9th to July 20th, 2018,
  • July 23rd to August 3rd, 2018,
  • August 6th to August 17th, 2018.

For verbal linguistics

Language courses / 7 to 15 years old

This innovative and interactive program, developed by a certified teacher and in accordance with the Québec Education Program, allows children to expand on concepts learnt during the school year and to develop basic skills in English or in French as a second language. Participants are invited to take advantage of various contexts (in class and out of class) to practice different concepts, orally. They are also introduced to reading and writing.

A placement test is used to form two groups (beginners and intermediates - this program is not intended for advanced or bilingual participants), which allows the teacher to adapt his or her teaching content in taking into account the needs and skills of children. An evaluation grid is provided to parents at the end of their stay.

Please note that this specialized option is offered for 10 day stays only, on the following dates:

  • June 25th to July 6th 2018
  • July 9th to July 20th 2018
  • July 23rd to August 3rd 2018
  • August 6th to August 17th 2018