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accueil-perso-jourPersonalized care

Upon arrival at one of our chosen sites, a personalized welcome is offered by our animation team. A valet service will allow you to quickly leave after dropping off your child, all while knowing that he/she is in the great hands of our experienced personnel. If needed, you may also park your car in order to meet with our coordination team, or, if necessary, with our first aid attendant.


Typical schedule

  • 7:00: Paid daycare service
  • 8:00: Free daycare service
  • 9:00: Morning assembly and snack
  • 9:00: Activity
  • 10:25: Activity
  • 11:30: Lunch
  • 12:30: Activity
  • 1:30: Activity
  • 2:30 : Snack
  • 2:45 : Activity
  • 3:45: Morning assembly
  • 4:00: Free daycare service
  • 4:30: Paid daycare service



Your children’s counsellors have followed a training that includes a minimum of 33 hours of theoretical learning and 35 hours of internship (DAFA). The counsellors also participate in continuous training throughout the season.

The groups are formed taking into account the children’s age and the ratios suggested by the Certified camps of Quebec association. The management team reserves the right to pair different age groups if the registration number of certain programs is insufficient.

Groups Counsellor Children
Minis (3-4 years old) 1 8
Tout-petits (5-6 years old) 1 10
Petits (7-8 years old) 1 12
Moyens (9-10 years old) 1 15
Juniors (11-12 years old) 1 15
Ados (13-14 years old) 1 15

Please note that it is possible to find out the name of your child’s counsellor the Friday before the beginning of their stay. Simply visit the Customer Area space to access the information.

Each and every one of our animators can count on the presence of a behaviour support worker to intervene with children whom present a behavioural or adaptation problem, to develop tools to motivate positive behaviour and to notify the parent of the tools used during their interventions.

Different procedures, during attendance taking and movement around site, amongst other, are established by our team to ensure the safety of all.



Our enviable and long lasting reputation, since 1965,  is a sign of confidence. Child safety is at the heart of the organization’s values.

All facilities and all equipment are regularly inspected by professionals as well as local authorities.

In addition to having the proper training, all our employees have first aid certification and valid certificate of their competencies.  All counsellors and specialists are skills to appropriately intervene at all times.

For safety reasons, all of our campers, whether they know how to swim or not, must complete a swimming test during the first swimming activity of their stay. The test is supervised by qualified instructors whom will evaluate the child’s level and, if necessary, provide them with a personal flotation device (PFD) for all aquatic activities. A personal flotation device will be given to children whom parents made a request in their Camper file.

* Considering we have each child’s security at heart, we have created a plan against intimidation/bullying. We invite you to view it, and to introduce it to your child by clicking the following link.



We take great care in making sure that our swimming pools’ water is tested daily in order to ensure utmost quality. Moreover, a well-supervised maintenance team ensures the cleanliness of our facilities.

Regarding the well-being of all, we have a first aid attendant on site at all times. This attendant ensures the administration of medicine, when necessary.  They also act as a reference for counsellors, chief counsellors, management teams and parents.

Seeing that many children currently live with different allergies, a clear policy has been established, including an emergency action plan. Our staff is trained to respond to allergic children’s needs and knows how to recognize symptoms of a reaction. Precautionary measures are also taken in all of our camps, specifically in regards to restriction of nuts and peanuts. More information is available by visiting this link.


We have liability insurance of $ 5 million. Please note that we do not offer supplementary health and accidental insurance.

Participants who’s home address is not in Canada and/or do not have a valid Quebec health insurance card will automatically be charged a health and accident insurance policy of $35 per week.

Personal belongings

  • Sportswear;
  • Running shoes (sandals are to be avoided);
  • Swimsuit (one piece), towel, bathing cap (mandatory for Longueuil);
  • Hat, cap;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Lunch box containing a lunch (except for children registered for the Thursday festive lunches), one or two snack (s) and a water bottle.

All personal belongings must be identified to the child’s name. Edphy International is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

* We wish to inform you that the cleaning of our facilities is done every night. Every day between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM, at the day camp’s reception or the management’s office, parents can ask for lost items. After the last day of camp, all unclaimed items will be donated to charity. 

Since the procedure is somewhat different from one site to another, we invite you to read the document named Arrival and departure procedures located in your Customer area for all information.

Yes. We invite you to communicate directly with the management of the day camp to inform the delay or absence of your child. Visit your Customer area for the precise coordinates and person to reach.

Yes. You must notify us of an early departure to make sure your child is ready when you come get him/her. Visit your Customer area for the exact coordinates and person to reach.

Also, please note that seeing as all groups are in movement and preparation for departure between 3:30 and 4 PM, it is impossible to present yourself to pick up your child between those times.

The groups are formed taking into account the children’s age and the selection of specialized camps (if applicable).  The ratios used are those suggested by the Quebec Association of Camps.

Groups Counsellor Children
Minis (3-4 years old) 1 6
Tout-petits (years old) 1 10
Petits (7-8 years old) 1 12
Moyens (9-10 years old) 1 14
Juniors (11-12 years old) 1 15
Ados (13-14 years old) 1 15

Please note that it is possible to find out the name of your child’s counsellor the Friday before the beginning of the stay.  Simply visit your Customer area in order to access the information.  You will also find your child’s specific schedule.

All our employees are selected based on their experience, their energy, their creativity and their sense of responsibility. Having completed their secondary 4 (at the earliest) they must also have the Diplôme d’Aptitudes aux Fonctions d’Animateurs (DAFA), a first aid certificate and a valid certificate of competence if they are applying for a specific position. They must also agree that one checks their criminal record and participate in different continuing training throughout the season. All counselors and specialists are skills to appropriately intervene at all times.

Yes. You will be able to meet your child’s counsellor before 8:30 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m. However, we ask that you make an appointment in order to assure their presence and allow us to replace him or her in his or her function during your meeting.
If you want to send us a note or comment about the services provided to your child, please contact the day camp’s coordinator.

Yes. We invite you to consult the schedule tab for details.

Summer is meant for playing outside! That is why we ensure that the majority of the activities scheduled take place outside, the exact number varying from camp to camp. It is important to note that due to weather (rain or excessive heat for example), more activities will be held indoors. Moreover, specialized camps, for the most part, take place indoors. For more information, we invite you to contact the camp’s coordinator. 

Swimming lessons, allowing children to progressively develop their swimming skills (“Swim for life” program by the Lifesaving society), are only offered at our Regina Assumpta day camp. More information can be found here.

With the health of the children who attend our camps at heart as well as of each and every one of our employees, here are the precautions taken to diminish all risks:

  • Frequent breaks to drink water and stay hydrated;
  • Shortened activity periods – or replaced – in order to reduce physical activity;
  • Addition of water games to freshen skin ;
  • Activities moved to the shade or indoors to available air-conditioned areas;
  • When available, more frequent visits to the pool 

Also, all of our staff members have followed first aid training and are certified to recognize and intervene in the case of heat stroke. 

We provide all the necessary equipment for the sports previously scheduled. We invite you, however, to consult the Personal belongings document, which can be located in your Customer area, to learn more about the required belongings for our specialized camps.

No. It is necessary to provide a lunch for your child, except if he or she is registered for the Thursday “festive lunch“. Seeing as there is no refrigerator, it is important to add an ice pack to your child’s lunch box to ensure its contents remain fresh. Microwave ovens are available for reheating meals.

We invite you to review our policy on this subject.

Your child is free to wear the clothing of their choice.

Yes, if desired. Costume days are organized on each of our sites related to our chosen theme. We invite you to visit the Theme document of your child’s day camp, located in the Customer area to obtain more information.

L’Association des camps du Québec suggère de demander à l’enfant d’appliquer lui-même la crème en le guidant verbalement ou de demander à un autre ami de l’aider. L’objectif étant de prévenir toute forme de situation compromettante pour l’animateur et de protéger l’intégrité des enfants, cette pratique a été rendue obligatoire sur chacun de nos sites. Les animateurs veillent toutefois à ce que les enfants soient bien crémés et s’assurent de les soutenir s’ils éprouvent des difficultés. Nous demandons également aux parents d’appliquer de la crème solaire à leur enfant avant de le reconduire au camp.

The Quebec Association of Camps suggests that each child apply their own sunscreen with a counsellor present to verbally guide them, or to ask a friend to help. The objective being to prevent a compromising situation for the counsellor and to protect the integrity of the children, this practice has been made obligatory on each of our sites. The counsellors, however, ensure that the children are well creamed and make sure to support them if they experience difficulties. We also ask parents to apply sunscreen on their child before dropping them off at camp.