Suzie, Charles-Etienne, Olivia and both Cédric have chosen to directly speak and confide themselves the primary reasons for their presence in Edphy International. We are proud of their testimony.

  • Suzie

  • Olivia

  • Cédric Rémy

  • Charles-Étienne

  • Cédric Gaillard Desrosiers


« I can safely say that being at Edphy as a child or as a counselor made for the most enriching summers I’ve experienced so far. To live as a part of a dynamic team and in such a welcoming atmosphere is truly exceptional. That is why I come back every year, it’s impossible to live away from that amazing universe filled with all those wonderful people! »

– Suzie Blanchard, counselor


« I am very proud to be a counselor at Edphy International because it allows me to convey my passion for sports to children who are as athletic as me, all while having so much fun. I also have the privilege to work with a staff who is as motivated as I am to ensure a wonderful experience to all the children that come to camp. The atmosphere of friendship and mutual help that is omnipresent at Edphy allowed me as a counselor to enjoy myself as much as the children!»

– Olivia Ruvo, counselor


« Last summer was my first at Edphy International. I would qualify this first camp experience as wonderful. I really enjoyed being a part of such a devoted organization as well as working with children. I am convinced that every child can find their place at camp regardless of their age or sex, and this I know from all the wonderful testimonies I hear from children about their experiences and the environment that Edphy provides for them. Edphy is more than a team or an organization, it’s a family that I am now a part of and that I can’t wait to see again next summer. »

– Cédric Remy, English teacher


« Edphy is a family affair for me. My brother worked there as a specialist for 8 years and my two sisters and their spouses (whom they met at camp) were a part of the coordination team. As for me, I attended Edphy for 7 years as a child and have now been working here for 4 years. I think I speak for everyone in my family when I say that those years were incredible and we loved everything about the atmosphere and the people. Thanks Edphy from the whole Hébert-Lalonde family! »
– Charles-Étienne Hébert-Lalonde, specialist


« I was first initiated to the “Edphy experience” when I took part in the TV show C.A.M.P. on Vrak Tv. I was then a counselor in training, which allowed me to learn a lot on both the professional and personal levels of my life. Following that I was a counselor and a circus specialist, both of which were a lot of fun since I was able to be with children who love coming back year after year with the same smile that we can never forget. I was then appointed to be a part of the directors’ team. I was able to work with an amazing team and I learned a lot about the world of leisure, which oriented my choice of program in college. I hope to keep working in this field throughout my career and Edphy is responsible for that. My experience here will forever be a wonderful memory! »
– Cédric Gaillard Desrosiers, chief counselor