International groups


Since its founding in 1965, Edphy International has made it their mission to open up to the world and welcome groups of young people from all four corners of the globe. China, Guadeloupe, Turkey, France, Mexico, Africa, Italy are just a few examples of countries with whom we work with on a regular basis to design the most interesting and rewarding offers. Extended stays, sports, cultural and linguistic activities, with animation, guided or independently, Edphy International welcomes you comfortably in the enchanting setting of its nature center.

Our stays are tailor-made to meet the needs and expectations of different groups. Thanks to the diversity of our activities, the expertise of our staff, our capacity to host many people and our location, we have everything possible to ensure a unique experience! Located near the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, we can do everything possible to offer you an unforgettable experience on Canadian soil!

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