A word from the parents

Parents and Edphy International

We love Edphy!

First and foremost, Edphy has the objective to create a great environment for your children to evolve. Edphy is also the opportunity to leave your children within the care of qualified personnel who work in a stimulating, safe and well-appointed place. As parents, you appreciate leaving your children within the hands of responsible employees and to hear their stories at the end of the day. As an organization, we know how to exceed your expectations and to create a unique experience for you and your precious ones.

Pascale Tremblay, Marie Turgeon, Suzanne Lalonde and Donald Mackarous agreed to speak and share the reasons that led them to experience Edphy with their children. We are pleased to share with you their stories.

  • Pascale Tremblay (EN)

  • Marie Turgeon (FR)

  • Suzanne Lalonde (FR)

  • Donald Mackarous (EN)