A word from our employees

Employees and Edphy International

Why choose Edphy?

First and foremost, Edphy is a team of experienced counsellors chosen among the best. Most of them have attended our camp as children or they have followed our own training classes. Counsellors, chief counsellors or coordinators, all have a high sense of responsibility and duty, communications skills and overall qualities that make them worthy Edphy representatives. Edphy’s personnel also act as organizers, advisors and peers for your children throughout the summer.

Sophie, Nicolas and Philippe chose to speak directly to you to explain the primary reasons for choosing Edphy International as their workplace. We are pleased to share with you their story.

  • Sophie (EN)

  • Nicolas (EN)

  • Philippe (EN)

  • Alexandra (FR)

  • Laurence (FR)

  • Coralie (EN)


« I love Edphy because it is a camp that encourages children to be active and to love sports! Not only do we offer a variety of physical activities, but we also have specialized activities to allow children to flourish and develop their full potential and personality. Counselors are well surrounded, and we always have lots of fun! »

– Sophie Laflamme, counselor


« I am proud to be a part of Edphy. It allows me to see children grow, to see them change and develop confidence. Nothing means more to me than working with the same kids year after year because they really show us what we mean to them and they let us journey with them towards becoming adults. »

– Nicolas Gascon, assistant coordinator


« I have known Edphy since I was 4 years old. I honestly think that any type of child or adult can find what they’re looking for at Edphy. It is a magical place to make friends and try so many different activities that you’ll never get to try again in your life. It is also a wonderful place for human interactions, which we often forget about in our world full of technologies. Edphy is a great camp, and being there as a kid or as part of the staff is amazing. It is the idea of being able to give children the experiences I was able to get as a kid that gets me through tough but such rewarding summers. »

– Philippe Lachance, counselor