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In Val-Morin (Laurentides)

Other services


Additional fees of $50 per week

Live the Edphy experience by your child’s side! Sign up for the daily newsletter to be received each day, including a summary of your child’s day, accompanied by one or two photos.

* Please note that the newsletter will be sent via email (email of child’s guardian on file) at approximately 8:00 PM.

6 for $20 / 12 for $30

These coupons allow campers to purchase nightly snacks, or for any other purchase at our general store.

Additional fees of $35 per week

An automatic weekly fee of $35 is charged to all participants from outside of Canada, for health and accident insurance coverage.

Looking to get a promotional item as a souvenir from your camp visit?

You will be able to purchase the following items at the time of registration or on site. Please note that the promotional items are distributed during your child’s stay.

Additional fees of $20 per picture

Receive a picture of your child enjoying an activity throughout their stay at our sleepaway camp (picture sent by email).

Additional fees of $45 per week

All of our staff members are trained to manage allergies and intolerances and our entire site is a peanut and nut free environment.

Moreover, our menus and recipes can be altered due to any allergy or dietary restriction at an extra fee of $20 per week*. It’s important to note that participants with multiple allergies and allergies to soya or sulfites will not be considered.

*Do not forget to select the product during your instription.

Each family of children registered for a stay at summer camp will have the opportunity to participate in a special welcome BBQ ($15/person). On the menu: hotdogs, chips, popcorn, drinks and… animation!

Ticket holders will be able to enjoy priority access to the site and the facilities, in addition to spending a privileged moment with the team before the official welcome of all the young campers.

All profits raised will be donated to the Edphy Foundation, whose mission is to offer as many young people as possible the opportunity to become acquainted with outdoor life and practice various sports that are beneficial to their development.