Why Edphy?

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The reputation that the Edphy Nature Center and day camps are able to uphold is based on several quality factors that have often been imitated, but never matched by our competitors.

Indeed, the passionate and knowledgeable staff, unparalleled facilities and our dedication to innovation allows Edphy to remain the leader in the child summer vacation industry. Fifty candles on the birthday cake as an organization shows that safety, supervision and the overall child development are at the heart of our concerns.

Edphy International’s summer Nature Center, Summer and Day Camps are founded on a solid tradition.  The camp’s founder, Yvan Dubois, a member of the Order of Canada, has always insisted that our various programs be inspired by the Olympic ideal.  Years later, his son, Luc Dubois, also contributed to the company’s growth by developing high quality day camps where physical education remains the main driver, while different language programs, arts and technology options also contribute to overall development of children.

Even today, Edphy is the benchmark for high quality sports camps.  We are proud to offer quality camps and to welcome children from all over the world.  Trusting us means being a part of our family, which, for over 50 years now, and allows your children to create unforgettable summer memories while developing new skills and making new friends.

Thank you for trusting us!



Allow me dear parents, to start off by telling you that I feel extremely privileged to continue the legacy of the Dubois’ family. For over 10 years, I have had many opportunities to meet with former campers or employees who became parents and decided to send their children to our summer or day camps. Former campers also regularly join the ranks of our loyal employees. Having the chance to interact with all of these people gives me a sense of great pride. Overtime, Edphy International helped develop and increase the sense of responsibility of many people, and this, I realize each and every day.

It is on this solid foundation that I now wish to ensure Edphy’s development. Through our programs, activities and services, I will personally ensure that your expectations be surpassed in order to continue being a proud member of several Quebec families, schools and organizations.

As a father, I want my children to develop a sense of effort, to take initiatives and to work on self-confidence. I believe that represents a great set of tools to succeed in their future projects, whatever they may be. Of course, I want them to have fun, the good old fun with a piece of wood, giggles with new friends and I want to see their eyes light up when they tell me about their first horseback riding experience.

Luckily, I am to be able to offer these new and exciting challenges to your children with all of our programs and services under the same banner.  My job is to give every child the most rewarding experience possible. Edphy’s Nature Center, Summer and Day Camps have now been around for over 50 years. I am therefore committed to personally ensuring that your children take full advantage of our summer and day camp experience, and this for many years to come.

François Rioux



The first private nature center founded in Quebec, the first mixed camp, Edphy’s philosophy has been, since the very beginning, to combine human, material and physical resources to create an environment that helps young people flourish and grow. The organization wishes to support these children in the development of their identity, help them to open up to the world and to cope with differences, support them in the practice of new sports and in the integration of healthy lifestyle habits, educate them to adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment, and much more. It is also thanks to the people surrounding them and the diversity of their resources that Edphy can claim to do much more than simply provide a fun experience. Edphy does not only provide a unique experience to children but to everyone that surrounds them: parents, employees, partners and members of the community! Edphy is proud to be an experience related to sports, but also everything culture and human-related.

Why choose Edphy?

A well-deserved reputation. Recognized expertise. Outstanding facilities.