Great news! 🎉

Edphy International is a proud finalist in the “work-study” category in the CCITB’s upcoming gala!

As our organization operates in a seasonal sector, those working on each of the Edphy sites are naturally mainly students and it is at the heart of our priorities to offer them a work environment conducive to work-study balance. By promoting a collective sharing of recreational, but also social, cultural and educational experiences, we hope that the learning achieved in the context of their work is complementary to that of the educational world. In line with our organizational values, we encourage perseverance and the success of all, so that they obtain the means to achieve their ambitions.

Convinced that the future begins with education, it is an honour for us to find ourselves amongst other inspirational organizations that are also sensitive and proactive when putting into place different practices that encourage their employees to pursue their educational endeavours.

Cross your fingers: the winners will be announced June 2nd!🤞🏻