It is a surprised and happy team that greeted the American actor Ben Affleck and his two youngest children at our summer camp’s open house last weekend.

Not many of our clients are aware, but if we are able to offer horseback riding during the summer, it is thanks to one of our partners, whom for many years now, rents his horses for film shootings in Quebec and internationally (Les Pays d’en haut, War Horse, Pompeii, X-men, etc.) and allows us to take care of his “superstars” throughout the summer. It is during a film shoot in Montreal that he met Jennifer Garner, married to Ben Affleck, who mentioned that she had a great appreciation for Quebec and wanted her children to discover it as well. That is when he decided to speak to her about our camp. Our open house events happen one after another, but never two are the same! 🙂

We hope to see them again this summer!

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