Always within tradition, once again this summer, our camper’s days will be filled with special animation and challenges related to our summer theme. With their team, they will have to be strategic, logical and creative each week. Here’s why:

“In light of the 2020 Olympic Games, detective Dhonanza has been hired by the Olympic committee to investigate a mysterious saboteur whom reappears every 4 years. How unfortunate! Dohnanza vanished a few hours after discovering the saboteur’s landmark without having had time to discover his identity. Committee members therefore turned towards Edphy campers to help them pin point this evil individual who wishes to prevent the 2020 Olympics in which many Edphian athletes are participating in, from happening.

Knowing that he was being tracked down by a well-known detective, the saboteur locked up all his belongings so as not to be discovered if his location was to be found. On each padlock is the flag of a country, former host of the Olympic Games, that soon-to-be-detectives will visit to try to find the key (or code). Each week, they will be able to eliminate suspects from the list established by the detective before his disappearance, and hopefully identify and capture the saboteur.”

 In 2019, offer an summer of adventure and excitement to your child —>