Firstly, Lara Pettinicchio, presented the special projects that were put into place by three of our camps. For Regina Assumpta, following a bike accident involving one of their staff members, the management team decided to organize an awareness event to promote healthy lifestyles as well as bike and water safety. On August 10th, a triathlon including running, biking and wibit-crossing, was held. Camp counsellors, both former and new, specialists, coordinators, sponsors, the city of Montreal’s police officers, cadets, the deputy of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, parents and children, reunited to complete the triathlon, which allowed them to raise and give $550 to the SNAC foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide services to improve the food security of low-income residents of Ahuntsic. At Edouard-Montpetit, the team associated themselves with the Le Phare Enfants et Familles foundation, which offers services to children requiring paediatric palliative care. The Edphy Sautons challenge, where campers executed 20,647 jumps with a skip rope, participated in a hot-dog lunch with the distribution of healthy snacks on both Wednesdays and Fridays, allowed the team to raise an impressive amount of $907.05. The Villa Maria team organized a rallying event, Para Edphy day, which aims to sensitize the participants about different handicaps (physical and visual). Seeing as Edphy receives different organizations, each year, such as the Quebec foundation for the blind, it was important to change the way young – and not so young – people see handicapped individuals, and to allow them to see what it feels like to be in their shoes. Many activities were therefore modified to include different handicaps and many of our camps participated – Beaubois, Jean XXIII, Ste-Thérèse & Val-Morin joined the movement initiated by Villa Maria. This activity allowed them to raise $1752.55 which will offer the Quebec foundation for the blind the opportunity to share the Edphy experience with many more children. The executive assistant took the time to congratulate everyone for their participation and involvement in these causes that make a difference in many people’s lives. These actions show that despite how busy our summer is, Edphy’s staff and clients can always make a difference. She then announced that the prestigious “Ballon d’Or” award was given to the Villa Maria Day Camp.


Then, Marilyse Richard-Robert, Executive director, presented a touching video in which our campers announced the seven nominees for the “Chapeau d’Or” and “Recrue d’Or” prizes, awarded to employees who are dynamic, creative, team players,  have particularly stood out throughout the entire season and ensure that each camper has a memorable stay – view the video here: Marie-Rose Quijada-Souaid (Longueuil) & Laurence Cloutier (Villa Maria) were the recipients of the “Recrue d’Or” prize and Colin Everett (Dorval) the recipient of the “Chapeau d’Or” prize.

Finally, the last prize of the evening, the renowned “Edphy d’Or” prize, was given, following a presentation of images that englobe our summer season – – to a site that has distinguished itself by its great adaptability, its impressive responsiveness, its leadership and its desire to exceed limits, despite all the action that takes place daily, the Edphy International summer camp.