The big day has arrived, today your child leaves home for his/her first day at camp. This significant step in their life, both personally and socially, is an incredible opportunity that a parent can offer a child. If this experience creates some excitement in your family, keep in mind that there are many ways to live this stay together, even if you are physically separated.

1- Ask your child about their stay

Upon their return home, question them about their day and their stay in order to share their enthusiasm. There is no doubt that they will have a lot to share!

2- Visit the camps website and/or social media pages

Take the time to read about what is going on at camp while your child is there. You may even find some surprises such as pictures or videos!

3- Sign up for a personalized service

Some camps offer parents daily newsletters to get a detailed letter about their child’s day and sometimes even including pictures. Speak to the team of coordinators to see if this service exists and the costs behind it.

4- Write to them

If your child has left for an extended stay in a summer camp, it is always possible to write them letters – or even emails – that the coordination team will gladly pass on to them. Phone calls and personal visits are usually inadvisable seeing as a camp stay allows children to live a certain detachment with their parents, a moment in which the child can control their daily routine and evolve amongst other children. You therefore need to let them live their experience to the fullest!

5- Plan a routine

Before the beginning of camp, if your child will be attending a summer camp, establish a moment where, each day, you will think about one another. Whether it is at sunrise, sunset or supper time, you will feel a certain connection for a short moment.

We hope these suggestions will allow the entire family to live a positive and enriching experience. Camp season has begun: have a great summer!

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