The holiday season is quickly approaching and your Christmas tree is certainly standing tall in your living room! And if, this year, you took the time with your children, to begin a tradition and create a wishing tree? It will definitely bring some magic to your holiday season and will allow you to take a moment to think and share amongst your loved ones.

1 – Take note of wishes or goals that you have not yet achieved this year

Alone or with your family, try to think of all your wishes that have not come true this year. Do you still wish to achieve them? Have some of those wishes changed or evolved?

2 – Make wishes for the year to come

Make, and jot down wishes that have to do with the person you’d like to be (healthy, happy, generous, present, etc.) or have (more time, more money, etc.) and think of different ways you can accomplish these wishes. Prepare small ribbons as well as little cards with your wishes written on them and tie them to the wishing tree.

3 – Find a place to put the cards once the holidays are over and your tree is put away

Whether it’s a tree in your garden, a plant in your house or just a pretty box, put down each wish formulated. Thus, the wishing tree will continue to be a great source of inspiration and will continue to be full of great intentions. Also, in December 2019, when you go through this exercise for a second time, you will be proud of everything you have accomplished!

For our part, we have already jotted down wishes for 2019, including the intention to offer to the most children possible, as we have been doing for over 50 years now, the possibility to familiarize themselves with nature and a variety of sports that are beneficial for their development as we well to continue to innovate and surprise each and every one of you to become a must during the summer season. Rest assured that a multitude of actions on our behalf are already put into place for us to achieve these goals! See for yourself:

Best wishes for the holiday season and see you in 2019! Moreover, registration is open as of now!

Please note that our offices will be closed from December 21st 2018 to January 6th 2019 inclusive.