Even though school is still going strong for children of Quebec, it is already time to begin thinking of your family summer planning!

Even though this time of year is considered as a break for children and an occasion to rest and take advantage of the long, sunny days to have fun with friends and family, it is important to keep them stimulated and active throughout the long summer holiday in order to avoid it having an impact on what was learnt throughout the school year. Alongside all of the options offered to you, a stay at camp – sleep away or during the day – is an extremely interesting option (see Why send my child to camp)! In addition to allowing them to live an out of the ordinary adventure and enjoy a multitude of activities, it will allow them to keep their good habits! And here’s what camps have to offer:

  1. Awaken the sense of discovery

It is not obligatory to travel the world to allow your child to cultivate his/her sense of discovery. This is mainly based on various contexts and privileged moments shared with different people. Camps have all the resources – human, material and creative – necessary to stimulate participants in everyday life, thus promoting the development of children, as well as the development and consolidation of their skills for their return to the classroom.

  1. Offer fun, sports and culture related opportunities daily

Whatever the type of camp or program, children will benefit, each day, from a multitude of varied sports, both motor, cognitive and affective, which can be a great way to learn or allow a child to continue learning. It has been shown that play, among other things, is essential for the overall development of a child since it is by playing that a child will acquire skills and abilities to help them succeed in school. The playful, friendly and relaxed context of the world of camps is therefore interesting as it offers occasions to learn or to remember things learnt in the past, in a context that is very different from the one seen in school.

  1. Suggest specialized camps

Many camps offer, alongside general activities, the possibility to register your child in different specialized camps. From performing arts to learning a new language, there is something for all. Some of the programs are even in sync with the Quebec Learning Program. At camp Edphy, for example, the science courses allow for the appropriation of the scientific method, in addition to the realization of several experiments. The fine arts courses allow the implementation of creative thinking and the expression of ideas by exploring common materials and different techniques, etc. It is therefore the best of both worlds: discover new interests and consolidate your achievements by having fun, both indoors and outdoors!

  1. Continue learning social behaviours

Attending camp, is a great occasion to share the day with other children, outside of the classroom setting. It is a long recess that will place children in situations allowing them to develop their communication skills, and learn to collaborate and resolve problematic situations; aptitudes that they will certainly need throughout life!

It is important to remember that the summer holidays must remain a vacation and that the goal of camps is not to recreate a school setting where counsellors become mini teachers, but to put everything into place to motivate children to stay active and stimulated in order to allow them to be ready for the new school year! Here at Edphy, we are ready to welcome everyone as of June 23rd. Will you be with us this summer? Register as of now!