Your child is attending camp this summer? They will have the chance to spend their days with devoted and passionate counsellors, whom perhaps hide a few secrets. Let us tell you 10 things they would like you to know!

1. Your child will fit in quicker than you can imagine. Even if they are not with their best friend, cousin or classmate, they will quickly develop friendships with other children in their group.

2. You miss your child more than they miss you. Even if they cry when you drop them off at camp, leave with peace of mind: they will quickly be occupied with other things and will definitely be enjoying everything camp has to offer.

3. Your child is less shy and capable of a lot more than you can imagine. Remind yourself that their behaviour can differ from when at home and we should never underestimate the group effect.

4. No child is perfect and it happens that we must intervene with them at some point during the summer. They are still going through a learning stage of social behaviours and even if this may come as a surprise, it can happen that they are at the source of a conflict or an unwarranted situation. Do not worry, this does not stop us from loving them!

5. We are not perfect either! Being only 18 or 19 years old, sometimes even 16 or 17, we have not yet been through as many life experiences as you. Our priority is that your child is safe and has fun, but it could happen that we make a mistake. Please be tolerant: we too have lots of responsibilities!

6. We serve as an example to children, but we also wish to let them make their own decisions (food, clothing, etc.)… even if those decisions aren’t always the best. Remember that this is part of the camp experience: to become autonomous and gain responsibility!

7. Hygiene, when we are taking part in outdoor activities all day, is not always our top priority. After all, a little bit of dirt on their knees or paint on their shirt never hurt nobody! Simply do not send us new clothes.

8. They will live extraordinary adventure, face daunting challenges… and they will love it! Is there really a stay at camp that does not require us to step out of our comfort zone?

9. Even if we have taken the time to put together an original and diverse program, it could happen that we often play the same game. it is not because we are lazy or do not have imagination, it’s because some games are simply memorable and kids do not ever get tired of playing them!

10. Most of us are not here for the money. Let’s be real, spending our summers under the hot sun, animating groups of 10 children, trying to solve conflicts and repeating too many times to make sure to put sunscreen and drink water, cleaning tables after lunch, etc. requires a lot more than just a “pay check motivation”. No secrets here: we definitely have as much fun as them!

Now that you know all of their secrets, do not be shy to entrust them with your child. They will certainly know how to make for an unforgettable and magical summer.

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