Dear parent who is sending their child to camp for the first time,

Congratulations and thank you.

Congratulations on ignoring the multiple worries that are occupying your mind and the idea of sending your child to camp for the first time. And thank you for allowing them to experience one of the best adventures that will guaranteed, transform them.

Each year, with only a few weeks left before the summer seasons, I think of you. The big day is approaching quickly and you are excited, but anxious as well. You ask yourself if your child will cry as you leave – or during their stay-, if they will have fun, if they will adapt well to new routines and to new people. Remind yourself that the counsellors that will take care of your child are used to welcoming children of all age and used to taking into account their needs and different personalities. They will know what to do, and as shocking as this may seem, your child will most likely feel like crying when leaving camp to go back home rather than upon arrival.

Nobody knows your child better than you do and you might be worried about their behaviour or health if they have any issues. Remind yourself that you took the time, during registation, to choose a camp that matches all of your needs and has clear and well established procedures. Rest assured that your child does not stem far from the others: they want to feel important and heard. All camps make sure that those factors remain a priority.

I can also assure you that your nights will be cut short the first few days. You will ask yourself if everything is going well and you might even look to find and excuse to write to the camp’s management team to see if everything is okay. Do not do it. Let your child fly with their own wings and let the team take care of them. Instead, take a little time for your self: you will be a happier, and well-rested parent upon their return.

To you, parent who sends their child to camp for the first time, I simply want to remind you that feeling anxious and being worried is quite normal, especially when it concerns what is most precious in you life. Please ensure not to transmit your worries to your child: it is better to reassure them and remind them that you are convinced that everything will go as planned. The first time is never easy, but trust me, you both will be stronger individuals and will both have a great time upon their return when they spend each and every minute telling you about their experience!

You were still uncertain and my letter has now convinced you otherwise? We still have a few available spots.