Although Quebec still beats to the rhythm of winter and the landscape is rather white and icy, you will see – if you have not already noticed –that the registration period for many summer camps has already began.

If your decision is to have your child enjoy this experience this summer, whatever choice of camp or program made, the fees associated to registration can quickly add up. That is why we deemed it interesting to share a few tips to help you save a little bit of money this year.

1. Target your needs and consider all possible options

Take the time to evaluate your needs, whether it has to do with the experience you wish to share with you child – summer camp or day camp, regular or specialized program, etc. -, the length of stay and the complementary services needed – meals, daycare services, etc.- because all of these elements can have an impact on your budget for camp. If you have multiple children, take the time to see which camps offer different discounts for this purpose.

2. Register early to benefit from the best rates

Many organizations offer different price brackets, allowing you to save money when booked earlier. Moreover, in the case of Edphy camps, the policy allows you to register for one week and freeze that price, which allows you to register for more weeks in the future, at the same price offered when reserving the first week.  Interesting if you do not yet know your summer needs right?

3. Ask the camp or your accountant about tax benefits

On the fiscal side, the government offers tax credits to parents who enroll their child in camp. Since day camp expenses are mainly related to childcare expenses, the presentation of a RL-24 slip (issued by the organization) entitles you to the Childcare Tax Credit. Also at the provincial level, an additional tax credit for Child Activities may also apply if you meet all the conditions set out by Revenu Québec. A short meeting with your accountant could save you some money!

Do not waste time and register your child now for the 2019 summer season. The registration period begins in February for most camps, but some, such as us, allows you to reserve a spot even earlier. Edphy also offers you the best price – until February 15th – while giving you the opportunity to change your calendar, by moving some stays or adding additional weeks, free of charge, until April 30th. There is therefore nothing stopping you from contacting us right now!