Impatient to begin a new season by your side (which is looking like it’s going to be very memorable), our entire team is proud to present what’s new for 2020!

At our summer camp, we are happy to offer an even more international environment to our participants! We have spent a lot of time travelling this fall to meet international agents and families looking to offer the Edphy experience to their children. Brazil, Mexico and the United States are only a few countries in which our campers will come from this summer. We bet you that the experience will be as enriching for them, as for our young Canadians!

We are also organizing, on June 6th and 7th, a family Mini Camp allowing families to discover the camp experience all together. Many activities, such as the aerial games park, canoeing, archery and obstacle courses will be offered and animated by our dynamic and passionate team of counsellors! To ensure you don’t miss out on this extraordinary weekend, sign up now by contacting us.

Also, new menus, healthy and balanced and approved by a dietician, will be offered to our campers. These menus will be sent to you and you will be invited to participate in a short survey in order to pick your favourites. It is therefore your choices that will be offered this summer!

Finally, we will be reorganizing a new space for children to gather. Games and entertainment will be offered allowing them to end their day on a great note!

As for the day camps, we will add, in the regular Multisport program, surprise periods during which participants will face challenges that will allow them to develop new skills. Creativity, innovation and leadership, amongst others, will be necessary to successfully complete these activities. Also, new specialized camps will be available for both young and old. Visit our website to discover these new programs!

Do not wait too long to learn more about what we have to offer on our website…and to register! Registration opens as of November 27th for our privilege members and December 4th for all.

We look forward to seeing you!