While several camps have already announced the start of their registration period for the next season, some parents are wondering if it is wiser to start planning their summer holidays now or to wait a few more weeks to see how the current health situation is evolving. A word of advice: don’t delay!

Successful holding of activities 

Activities held successfully two seasons in a row amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, day camps and camps with accommodation have demonstrated their ability to adapt and offer a quality experience, in complete safety. Moreover, as mentioned in the annual report of the Association des camps du Québec, the outbreak rate noted by public health in connection with camp activities was so low in 2021 that it stated that it was not statistically significant. Faced with this success, the government authorities are therefore still in favor of the holding of the 2022 camps and parents have regained their confidence.

Availability that is already scarce in some camps

To ensure the smooth running of their operations, camps have had to make multiple adjustments to ensure that they put in place the various measures requested by public health over the past two years. As a result, the number of children they can welcome may have been reduced and they were not able to accept the same number of children as usual. So, if it is true that at this time in 2020 registering for camp was not on people’s minds, this is no longer the case now. Parents are registering quickly and it is not uncommon for some programs to be full just after a few hours after the opening of registration.

Benefits of registering early

In addition to ensuring availability of your dates and program choices by registering your children early, you’re ensuring better rates and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family’s summer planning is booked! Also, make sure to check the detailed camp modification or cancellation policies for your area to give you an idea of the flexibility available to you.

At camp Edphy, our registration patform is open since November 24th. Since several families have not been able to obtain a spot in recent years, a good number of our programs are already full (or almost!). Visit our website for more information and reserve quickly!