The positive effects of contact with nature on our overall health are well established. With a few days before spring break and a few months before the summer season, here are 5 good reasons to expand the opportunities to play outside and to visit different natural environments.

To disconnect and refocus

It is difficult to escape the whirlwind of the daily routine and take time for yourself. Taking a break by going out for some fresh air, away from our screens, among other things, allows us to refocus and contributes to our general well-being, in particular by reducing our stress level and alleviating our negative emotions. The great outdoors inevitably makes you happier!

To increase our cognitive abilities

Getting in touch with nature awakens all of our senses, providing an immediate relaxation effect, and stimulates several areas of our brain responsible for cognitive functions such as memory, attention and concentration, learning and even decision-making. It is therefore to be favored to optimize the health of the brain!

To improve our health

Being in nature contributes to our health, in particular by reducing heart rate and blood pressure, lowering cortisol levels – thus minimizing the risks of anxiety, depression and obesity among others – and strengthening our immune system. Moving regularly, preferably in nature, also allows you to have a better lifestyle, which prevents several diseases.

To meet new people

Outdoor activities, in addition to all their physical and psychological benefits, promote interactions and social contacts. They also channel energy and reduce tension and restlessness, which contributes to the development of harmonious relationships. Harmony is the great law of nature, right?

To develop environmental awareness

Spending time in nature allows us to appreciate its beauty and realize the importance of protecting it. As Mr. Caron, CEO of Sépaq, said: “Nature takes care of us. Let’s take care of her back.”

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to hike, eat marshmallows by the fire, or picnic on a beach, you’ve probably felt all of these effects on you. Would you like to offer this experience to your child? Take advantage of the holidays to go outside and the summer season to show them around one of our camps!