The days are being counted before summer vacation and camp for your child, it is therefore time to begin preparing them to live an unforgettable experience! Whether it is the first time they will be in a camp or not, there is nothing more important than the preparation to ensure that their experience, as well as yours, is nothing but positive!Here is a short description of these counsellors who, nonetheless, are the soul of camps!

To help you, we have prepared a list of 7 tips that we believe will be very practical.

1. Adopt a positive attitude

Inform yourself to eliminate all worries by taking the time to visit the camp, by phoning the management team and asking for references. Remember that the attitude you adopt plays a very important role when preparing your child and that your worries can easily rub off on them.

2. Regularly discuss your child’s upcoming stay

In the weeks leading up to the beginning of their stay, talk about what awaits them and how lucky they are to be able to live this experience. Tell them about your own experience and share your fondest memories, if you have also attended camp as a young child.

3. Help develop their autonomy

Suggest that your child go to play at a friends – if they have not attended daycare or school – or ever sleep elsewhere than home – if they will be attending a summer camp. By doing so, they will learn to feel good and safe elsewhere than at home. This will also force them to be autonomous in daily routines such as dressing, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.)

4. Get to know the camp

Take the time to re-visit the website and social media accounts to get to know the site through pictures, videos and testimonials. Take the time to read the rules and preparation guide as well.

5. Take the time to fill out all the necessary documents

Many documents, such as the medical file, will be sent to you and it is crucial to take the time to properly fill them out. These documents will allow our staff to best respond to your child’s needs.

6. Prepare their bag and personal belongings

View the list of personal belongings to prepare for camp and make sure everything is in your child’s bag – or luggage. If they have a tendency to get bored, slip a comforting object and / or family photos that they can look at if need be. Also, if your child is taking medication, make sure they have a sufficient amount for the duration of his stay.

7. Do not linger on site

Once arrived, let your child familiarize themselves with their new environment and reassure them. However, do not wait to leave the site. Our staff will take care of your child and make them feel welcome and comfortable.

You are now ready for the start of the summer holidays with all the tools in hand to make sure that your child will remember their stay at camp, begging you to come back next year!

Do not hesitate to communicate with our team if you have any questions or concerns about the Edphy experience: 450-435-6668.