Even if there still are a few months before the end of classes and the beginning of summer break, it is already time to start thinking about your summer planning. Even though a few different options are present, one of the most popular choices for families is a stay at camp.

The choice of camp and programs can bring on a great deal of stress for parents, especially those of children with special needs. Thankfully, whether you decide to send your child to a “regular” camp, with measures put in place to facilitate integration, or in a specialized camp that welcomes a special needs clientele, there is no doubt that their experience will be the most positive and fun.


Parents who choose to enroll their child in a “regular” camp want them to be integrated in a group and participate fully in regular camp activities. Adaptation measures are then put in place to support them and adequately meet their needs. Among other things, physical adjustments can be made, the group’s ratio can be reduced and an accompanying counsellor can be assigned.


For other families, the selection of a camp specializing in the care of children with special needs appears to be a more appropriate choice. The child is therefore welcomed in a camp, the environment of which is adapted to their needs and the supervision provided by a team specially trained to intervene with this clientele. They will also spend the day or their stay with other children whose development might vary. In short, all the measures put in place allow them to perform various activities and provide them with a fun and enriching experience.

Whichever you choose, it is important to provide all the necessary information to camp directors so that they are able to properly assess your child’s situation and their ability to welcome them adequately. The more your child’s needs are known by the organization, the more they will be able to offer quality services that meets you and your child’s needs.

As the assessment process and requests for financial assistance often takes time and resources being limited, contact the camp you have selected now for more information. For our part, requests for an accompanying counsellor can be made until March 1st. Contact Lara Pettinicchio without further delay!