While all the studies show that the health benefits of daily physical activity are numerous, especially among young people in full development, going to a summer camp is certainly a good thing to do! Why? Here are three (of the many reasons) presented to us by Isabelle Fortin, Kinesiologist-Kinesitherapist specializing in psychomotor development in children and owner of Action-Réaction Kinésiologie.

1- Developing physical literacy

Physical literacy consists of developing physical capacities – motor skills -, confidence, motivation, but also knowledge and comprehension when it comes to understanding the benefits of physical activity on one’s body, in order to engage in a more active lifestyle. By attending a camp, young people are encouraged to try different activities in order to acquire new competencies, in a stimulating context, that remains respectful and safe. Therefore, children can explore their tastes and interests, as well as their capabilities, but also ensure that they are developing a solid base for all motor skills. All of these elements increase their chances of wanting to move all year… and all throughout life!

2- Fighting against a sedentary lifestyle

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children between the ages of 5 and 17  should move at least 60 minutes a day to ensure proper development. It is important that children adopt a healthy lifestyle from an early age and develop good habits that they will maintain throughout their lives. By registering your child in a camp, you will offer them the opportunity to participate in activities adapted to their age, both structured and self-led, fun and ones that will allow them to move!

3- Encouraging outdoor play

Playing outdoors is increasingly seen as essential to the healthy development of children. Indeed, several studies have recently demonstrated that an outdoor play area encourages active a more intense active play. Vast and with fewer restrictions and limits, these areas allow greater freedom of movement and cause children to move more and therefore to spend more energy. They also offer “rich and diverse multisensory experiences; opportunities to make noise, be rowdy, dynamic and active; various physical challenges and risk-taking opportunities; rough and uneven surfaces that improve physical strength, sense of balance and coordination1.” Camps are thus important players in promoting outdoor play!

It therefore appears that it is important to give children a taste and a habit of moving and attending camp can help achieve this goal! It’s the perfect place to develop their interest in physical activity and spend time outside! Besides, did you know that Edphy is actually short for “Éducation Physique” – the French word for physical activity and that our mission is to participate in the overall development of children by promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles? We still have availabilities and our best rates are in effect until February 14th. Register now!