While the registration period for camps is open – or about to be, the decision to register your children, amid a pandemic, is not an easy one for many families. We therefore thought we should share with you a few elements that will surely reassure you.

1- Camps are important for child development.

Whether you yourself attended camp as a child or your children have participated in camp stays in recent years, you are able to witness the positive influence that this experience has on the development and growth of children. Usually, but even more so during a pandemic, it is important for children to be able to move, socialize and be confronted with new challenges and positive experiences that promote their development.

2- Health and safety are at the heart of the concerns of camp management teams.

As soon as the Guide for the re-opening of camps during the 2020 Covid-19 context was released, camps immediately began to put in place various measures aimed, first and foremost, at protecting children. Efforts were maximized to ensure public health measures were put into place and respected and that activities were planned according to the guidelines issued to ensure each child has a unforgettable and safe stay.

3- Prevention requires knowledge.

Almost a year has passed since the start of the pandemic and all the discoveries and experiences related to COVID-19 allow camps, for the summer of 2021, to be even better prepared and equipped to welcome campers.

Ultimately, every family has its own level of tolerance for risk, but the most important thing is that parents and children feel comfortable attending camp. Above all, do not hesitate to contact the camp’s management team if you wish to learn more about their procedures: they are there for that!

With just a few months away from the 2021 summer season, our entire team is striving to be creative and ingenious to be able to make the Edphy experience memorable, once again. With the 2020 summer season having been a great success, many of our programs are already almost full. Visit the link to the camp nearest you for more details and reserve your spot!

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Seeing as they are our best amabassadors, we invite you to watch testimonials from a few families after their experience in one of our Edphy camps in 2020 (available in French only) ->